Poultry & Small Animals

crop chicken 284x300 Poultry & Small AnimalsCaring for your poultry is vital.  We offer conventional poultry feed and organic, non-GMO feed from Purina, Manna Pro and Texas Naturals. As well as chickens, Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch carries a selection of feed for turkeys, geese, guineas, and ducks! We carry chick supplements, Purina Layena, Start & Grow, Scratch Grains, Flock Raiser, Happy Hens chicken treats, Flock Blocks and more.  Don’t see your favorite listed?  Give us a call at 972-635-7878.

Eagle Hardware carries a large selection of feeds for your small animals, including: Rabbits, Dove, Wild Birds, and many more!

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Spring Chick Deliveries

It's almost Spring chicks season

Chicken Workshop: April 4

The Chicken Workshop is April 4 2019 at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch.

Spring Chick Deliveries

Spring chick deliveries are coming in March for the season.

Chick Workshop :: March 29

Chick Workshop at Eagle Hardware

Spring Chick Arrival Dates

Spring chick arrival information at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch.
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