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Advice from an Aggie: Happy Hunting

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

aggie blog pic 2015 170x300 Advice from an Aggie: Happy HuntingWith great excitement and enthusiasm I pen these words this evening.  However, my stomach quivers at the thought of the repercussions.  Even as I sit and formulate my words, I know I will be offensive to some and cause great consternation for others.  Before I go too much further in my glee and waller in happiness, please know I do not intentionally mean to upset anyone.  So before you call the newspapers or begin the boycott movement of Eagle Hardware, consider for a moment my motivations as you conclude reading my ramblings.

I now say it boldly, I HAVE COME TO LOVE TO HUNT!

It started just a few weeks ago as I began my first hunt.  I was bound and determined to bag the biggest!  There were so many to choose from.  They were cunning, creatively hiding, and curious of the hunter.  Some were down low, very low to the ground.  Some were hanging high in the branches just above the grass line.  While others, too large to blend in with their surrounds stuck out like a pickle in a fruit basket.  Others layed so low to the ground, a quick look over and one misses them.

It didn’t take me long to gather my gear.  With my trusty ball cap (from the proud Texas A&M University (“the school” of the fine state of Texas)) atop my head to prevent any gleam of glare to hinder my hunt, to my chigger proof hiking boots, I gathered my equipment.  Leather gloves to protect my hands from the sharp shards to the 5mil 55 gallon drum liner to bring home my bounty, I went out prepared.

As I approached the hunting field, the keenness of Sally and Sarge sensed the adrenaline rushing rampant in my body.  As the truck eased up to the tree line, the motor ceased its humming. I peered out the windows, looking left and right, making sure it was safe to disembark my 4-wheel drive Ford 1-ton that carried us on this quest. Safe.  It was dusk now.  Gloves were slid over my hands as I comforted my puppies, “It’s ok guys.  I’ll be right back. I’ll be safe.” I grabbed my black bag with great anticipation of filling it that evening and slowly climbed out of the truck.  My hopes were high.

In the quietness of the evening, my eyes laid hold of my first!  Sneaking up to it ever so stealthy, I reached out and BOOM like that I had it! Woohoo, my first one.  I had it!  Shabam! Just like that I had bagged my first empty beer can of the night.  I was so elated and excited!!!! And just as quickly as I had grabbed it, it was shoved in the plastic protector many a laymen call, trash bags.  The dastardly deed was done.  The next should be much easier.  It was.  Just two steps later I was the proud owner of a busted 32oz Whataburger Styrofoam drink cup.  Yes sir, it was mine!  Next was the remnants of someone’s afternoon alcoholic refreshment.  How could their former owners be so willing to part with such beauty?  Did they not want to keep it for themselves?  Travesty, they were all mine now.  My pace quicken as before me my bounty was beautiful (and plentiful)!  In elation I was bagging so fast, my bag filling so quickly, my head began to spin.

As my evening hunt of the trophy trash on my county road concluded, I found myself pondering.  I pondered why one would carelessly toss trash out the window.  Why in tarnation (real word from my Granddaddy) would, day after day, the same person part with their empty can of Michelob?  Don’t they want to take it to their own home and proudly display it in their own trash can?  Such travesty.  And McDonald’s sacks and napkins, empty Gatorade bottles, take out boxes, coffee cups, oh how the list goes one.  These poor residents of southern Hunt county don’t have a clue what they are missing when they take their own trash home and not part with it as it is tossed from their motorized vehicle.  WOW!

I’m so proud of my trash that I keep it.  Yep!  I keep it till I have the opportune time to bless the sanitation worker to take it to our local landfill and send it to trash heaven.

Herein lines my motivation to my madness…

So as you see my proudness (my word) glistening beside my pile of trash on Facebook, don’t be upset.  My hunt had more than just selfish reasons at heart, I want you to enjoy your ride home too.  So rather than taking up arms to protest my haughty hunts, join me.  Next time you see someone else’s trophy trash, stoop down and bag you a winner.  Oh the joy it makes one feel as the road home is much nicer.  More grass than gross please.

And the next time you’re in Eagle, you have to see my trophy mount.  I have stuffed, proudly and prominently displayed my latest trash trophy.  It’s a half eaten sausage biscuit from parts unknown.

Until then, know I love living in our community and am glad you do too!

Happy Hunting!

Advice from an Aggie : Let’s Make Thanksgiving Thankful Again!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

aggie blog pic 2015 582x1024 Advice from an Aggie : Let’s Make Thanksgiving Thankful Again!This evening is a monumental night.  Long in coming and so much back and forth, I thought the decision would never come.  However, I realize that even as I pen my ponderings, the long awaited decision has been made.  The voices of various newsreporters are babbling the news of what you already know in my background.  I don’t know about you and how you went about your decision but each time, it’s a struggle for me.  Both continue to be good considerations.  Both have been the mainstays for years in the perspective camps.  To me, quite honestly, I could have one or the other.  But at the end of the day, a decision has to be made.  This is where I confess my fondness for the traditional.  Please don’t judge.  Please don’t hold it against me.  Ready?  Though trends come and go, turkey never will.

Yes, yes, this year it must be turkey again on my Thanksgiving meal dinner plate.  Though ham will be present, it will be marginalized by the tradition of turkey.  Though I contemplated the conspires Mr. Piglet, in the end tradition triumphed.  I know I can hear it now. Risinger, you dingbat. Why can’t you just get to the point of your blog and stop chasing the turkey (or rabbit during other seasons of the year).  Well, to you I say, I don’t know.  I just like doing it so.

But here’s the thing.  In three weeks we celebrate one of the most traditional celebrations in our country’s history, Thanksgiving.  Maybe it is because I found myself pondering the phenomenal privilege I exercised today as I voted that I pen what I pen tonight.  Yes, Fox News is reporting the emanate direction we all face the next four years but I find myself still stuck!

Stuck thinking about what I got to do today.  I got to vote for the next president of the United States!  Pause… Wow, that’s a biggie.  However, what’s even bigger than that, was what allowed me to do so.  See, the way I figure it, I got to vote today because so many before me stood for the right we all exercised today.  In fact, I know it would be safe to say, some even gave their life so we could do what we got to do today.  And Boom!  Therein lies my pondering’s progression to conclusion! Here me say, I am thankful for all those before me who gave so much so I could stand in the rain for a bit and mark in my little box for who I hoped would lead our great country the next four years.  Am I proud to be an American?  You better believe it.  BUT I am even more thankful of the sacrifices of so many that I can be that pound American.

So to your Thanksgiving Task I conclude…

This year, as you sit down to enjoy your winning meat selection (or succulent greens for you Vegetarians out there), please don’t miss the opportunity to express your appreciation.  Yes, for the chance that you have to “choose” but also for so much more!  Don’t just think it, say it.  Say, “thank you”.  Gosh we have so much to be thankful for yet I fear we don’t express our appreciation enough for these (I’ll say it) blessings.  Not just the “things” we have but the many meaningful relationships and opportunities with which we are blessed.  And yes, let me say this too, all stemming for the big man upstairs.  So as you enjoy your meal and between the football games, conversations with family and friends, and maybe Black Friday strategizing, please take the opportunity to give thanks.  Give thanks with a grateful heart.

And as you do, know that I continue to be thankful for you.  I know that I know, we wouldn’t be here were it not for your choice to shop at Eagle.  So hear me say, thank you!  You are appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving and America, let’s make Thanksgiving thankful again! …I had to say it.



Advice from an Aggie : I’ll do my part, you do your’s.

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

aggie blog pic 2015 170x300 Advice from an Aggie : I’ll do my part, you do your’s.There are probably a whole host of words that we could do without hearing, “take a number, we’ll be with you shortly” or “Please be advised our menu options have changed…” or “All of our customer service agents are busy with other callers…” or “Due to severe weather in the area, the game has been delayed.”  Even as I amuse myself with my list, I know I have struck a chord with you.  If you have not come up with a few of your own, you must now admit you are in the minority.

Recently I heard a few words that I have not heard often in my life but when I have, it hasn’t been pretty.  This week hasn’t been pretty.  It started off as a little scratchy throat, then a cough and then, boom, my voice was gone.  Poof!!!!! Just like that, the booming handsome Shawn Risinger radio talk show host voice was silenced.   There wasn’t even a squeak.  It was just a mumbled mish mash of whispered words.  Horrible to hear and even more horrible to deal with when the waterline out front was severed and you needed my help in telling you how to fix it (Sorry Kelly)!  But oh the exhausting, draining, miserable feeling at the end of a day like that.  My allergies were kicking my booty and I desperately needed drugs, a pill, a shot, a something to sooth my misery.  And then I heard those words, “It just needs to run it’s course.”  What? Huh? Nothing? Nada? Walk away empty handed? No trip to CVS? AHHHHHH! Run its course my hinny. Something, give me something. But I got nothing.  But even this evening as my allergies “run it’s course”, I’m not so much thinking about my cough as I am about the men and women who serve to protect us day in and day out.

Here’s what I’m talking about.  See, it is easy to get caught up in the “I don’t feel well today. What can you do to make me feel better?” attitude of life.  It’s the kind of selfishness we sometimes are good at exuding.  Then something crazy happens and our priorities are reshuffled.  9-11, Columbine, Sandy Hook, the nightclub in Orlando, the killing of the police officers in Dallas, Bosier City, and on and on the list goes. STOP before you think I’m going to say something about gun control this and political party that, I am not.  I have no desire to influence you one way or the other.  Most of you have your mind pretty much made up on matters as such.  But what I do want to harp on is this, how come we have to wait for something tragic to happen before we appreciate others?  Others as in family, friends, neighbors, police officers, firefighters, etc?  These men and women matter all the time!  They are out there serving you and me and poot!, we should not have to wait on something tragic to happen before we express our appreciation.

I have so enjoyed the words and stories of strangers walking up to policemen and praying for them, buying them lunch, and offering words of encouragement.  YAY but can you do something for me? NO, for them?  In several weeks with the news has died down some, can you still do that?  Can you still offer them words of encouragement, lunch, prayers and the like?  I think they would appreciate it.

So that is your task this month.  Please find a way to express your appreciation to someone who is protecting you even as you may not know their name.  Job? Nope, I don’t think protecting the public in any capacity is just a job.  I firmly believe it is a calling!

I’ll do my part, you do your’s.

Thank you to all who serve!

Advice from an Aggie : Thankful for Potholes

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

aggie blog pic 2015 170x300 Advice from an Aggie : Thankful for PotholesI don’t do it intentionally. Heck I don’t even “look” for these things to consider or write about (stop snickering now).  They just pop into my head.  Boom! Like an explosion of an idea.  Kinda like when Einstein realized relativity was E=MC2.  I’m sure he experienced the same thing, BOOM!  And now everyone knows who Einstein is.  Now probably fewer could explain the E=MCsomething.  Yet his “boom” of an idea is now for history to pen.  Huh, I guess we’re like two cast from the same mold.  I’ll start working on that Nobel Prize acceptance speech just as soon as my assignment to pen this blog is complete.

You ask how I equate us two geniuses together?  Easy Peasy, we share the great experience of naturally coming up with random things to write about or, as I like to say, ponder.  However, I do concede my ponderings will have littler affect on the scholarly work of millions to follow.  So Einstein has a little on me.  I really don’t try though, they just happen.  These ponderings of mine.  Maybe it is a gift.  Maybe it is a curse.  It wasn’t too long ago Mrs. Johnson thought it was enough of a curse that I needed to sit out in the hall at Lindale High School and ponder my last laughical outburst I had just subjected my classmates.  So now it’s your turn.  This month’s ponderings, potholes.

Yep, those crazy, annoying, tire killing, deeper than the Grand Canyon divots in our county roads.  See, it was just the other day I was on my way home, Sally and Sarge beside me, that it dawned on me.  I was driving so slow that both puppies jumped up from the three minute slumber riding home.  They thought we had arrived.  My slowness in speed to them, usually mean we were on the homeward stretch (also known as our driveway) and they delectable dishes of dog food cuisine awaited them.  When the two realized I wasn’t halfway up our country road, they both stared at me. I could see it in their mugs, “what in the world is taking you so long to get us home”.  As I apologized, my pondering poked me in the eye.

As we made our way up the county road at an unnecessarily slow rate of travel, I comforted them and helped them enjoy our time a little longer.  Sally came and sat on my lap as I drove and Sarge looked at the cows in the pasture.  What was happening?  What ponderings could possible come of this?  Easy… take a guess what the potholes made me do?  I bet you can.  Yeppers, they made me slow down.  And at that very moment, I found myself more appreciate for them making me slow down than trying to make a mental note to call Todd our County Commissioner and complain about the mammoth monsters in the road.  That day at that moment, it wasn’t about being in a rush to get somewhere or do something, it was about driving a little slower and enjoy the ride a little longer.

Though I could get philosophical about my potholes and go on about the potholes in life should be appreciated because they make us slow down and enjoy life more, I won’t.  I won’t simply because I believe that message is more blatant than noting and your intellect is far more perceptive.  So as I conclude this evening, know that I never made that call to Todd, I’ve just chosen to drive a little slower these days and enjoy my potholes a little bit more than before.

And to your assignment, next time you see a pothole, slow down.  Slow down not so much as to avoid tire tyranny but to enjoy the ride more.  Life is fun and is much more fun when we slow down to enjoy it.

Thankful for potholes!