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Gift Certificates Available

Friday, November 30th, 2012

gift certificates available 300x200 Gift Certificates AvailableStruggling for the perfect gift for that special person in your life?  Let them choose the gift they want with an Eagle Hardware Gift Certificate!  They are available in any amount.

How to Start Feeding Wild Birds in Your Yard

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

cardinal How to Start Feeding Wild Birds in Your YardHere are proven tips and techniques to help you quickly enjoy beautiful wild birds found around your home.

Most birdfeeders are designed to attract a wide variety of wild bird species but some have features which appeal to certain species such as Goldfinches and woodpeckers. An excellent feeder design to start with is a “hopper” feeder with wide ledges which presents black-oil sunflower seeds for big and small birds already living around your backyard. This approach ensures that you will attract beautiful wild birds quickly by using the seeds they prefer.

Bird-feeding tips:

Place your feeder so you can view it from a favorite room or chair. Think of a picture window, deck railing, patio, comfortable armchair or breakfast table. Some feeders are designed to attach to your window pane.

Your birds also need to enjoy where your feeder is placed so make sure it’s near plant or tree cover for protection from the weather and safety, yet easily found too.

Take an old, white t-shirt or towel and place it on the ground beneath your feeder (whether mounted on a pole or hanging from a hook or branch). Take a handful of black-oil sunflower seeds and sprinkle them on your “target”. Birds follow other birds’ feeding patterns so when the first bird finds these seeds, you and your feeder are in business!

Re-fill your feeder as often as necessary to encourage your backyard birds to enjoy your feeder every day too.

Get ready for your family to enjoy lots of natural fun! —

Source: National Bird-Feeding Society

12 Tips for a Cat Safe Christmas Tree

Monday, November 26th, 2012

cat in a christmas tree 12 Tips for a Cat Safe Christmas Tree The Christmas tree might as well be an early holiday gift to your cats. Kitty can’t resist the urge to sniff, cheek rub, claw—and scale the branches to reach the highest possible perch. Don’t blame your cat. It’s normal for cats to compete for the top spot (literally and figuratively) to secure their place in kitty society.

Youngsters won’t care about social standing, but high energy kitten play turns the holiday tree into a jungle gym. Tree encounters of the kitty kind not only risks breaking your heirloom ornaments, your furred family members can be injured by chewing or swallow dangerous items.

Rather than fight a losing battle to keep cats at bay, create a second cat-safe tree with these 12 tips, so the fur-kids can enjoy the holidays as much as you do.

1. Put yourself in your cat’s “paws.” Satisfy her desire to claw, lounge on branches, and trust that it won’t tip over under her assault. Match the tree size, sturdiness, base (perhaps add guy-wires for steadiness) to the activity level and number of cats.

2. Ditch the lights, and any “fake-snow” flocking that can be chewed or swallowed. Instead, decorate with cotton balls or pillow-stuffing fleece for that snowy look on branches or around the base. If you’ve chosen a real tree, water with plain water and no additives in case kitty decides to drink.

3. Strings and garland look great on the tree, but prove deadly inside a cat when swallowed. Dried flowers like baby’s breath look lovely and are nontoxic even if clueless kittens nibble.

4. To increase the fun factor, insert a few sprigs of dried catnip—but be prepared for the cats to dismantle the tree!

5. Catnip toys make great kitty tree decorations and won’t be destroyed during the feline assaults. Use “orphan” socks (singletons without a mate), fill with the ‘nip, and knot the open end.

63919 396x303 Cat in christmas tree 12 Tips for a Cat Safe Christmas Tree 6. Jingle bells (quarter size or larger) can’t be swallowed and offer movement and sound when hung from ribbon on a branch. Put one inside the sealed catnip sock for more jingly fun.

7. Furry toy mice come in bright colors—or go with a standard white theme—and can be placed in the branches for your mouse-aholic feline.

8. Craft stores offer inexpensive bags filled with soft pompoms in a variety of colors and sizes—even sparkly ones. Cats love to play with these. Pompoms are so cheap you can fill the branches with one color theme, or a rainbow approach.

9. Many cats adore feathers, but remember they can chew and swallow these. As long as supervised, a few feathers placed in the tree can be a fun accent as well. How about a bright feather boa instead of garland?

10. Small stuffed toys—kitty theme or otherwise—appeal to many cats. Place around the base of the tree. Feline puzzle toys filled with special treats also are fun.

11. Don’t forget the “cheap thrills.” Empty boxes, wads of holiday paper, and even paper shopping bags thrill cats. Remove bag handles so the cat won’t get hung around her neck.

12. Toss a few special kitty treats in the boxes or bags. The smellier the treat, the better cats like them.

xmastreecat1 12 Tips for a Cat Safe Christmas Tree Be prepared to re-decorate the tree after the cats have fun. But a “Cat-mas” tree not only answers your kitty’s Santa Paws prayers, it means she’ll be more likely to leave your formal tree and decorations alone. That promotes a merry Christmas for the whole family, furry and otherwise.

Source:  Amy Shojai is a certified animal behavior consultant and the award winning author of 23 pet care books on aging cats and dogs, first aid, natural healing, pit bulls, including Complete Kitten Care.

Deer Season is Going Strong in Texas!

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recently said on their website that Texas hunters should see deer in good condition and above average numbers of mature bucks when the general season began.

“Despite the drought of 2011 deer appeared to come through the season in fair shape, which I think in part is a tribute to hunters and landowners doing a better job of managing deer populations and the native habitat across the state,” said Alan Cain, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department white-tailed deer program leader. “Couple the results of good management, lower harvest in 2011 and some late winter and spring precipitation and the stage is set for a good deer season in 2012.”

To read the full article posted on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, please click here .

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john decker Deer Season is Going Strong in Texas!

John Decker – age 14
Harvested in Clay County

will decker deer 225x300 Deer Season is Going Strong in Texas!

Will Decker – age 11
Harvested in Clay County