Seeds & Grasses

 Seeds & Grasses Perennial Grasses:

Year round we stock fescue, bermuda, oats, and winter wheat seed.  Custom cut sod is available thru Anderton Sod Farm on an as needed basis.  Call us for more details on sod.




oregon ryegrass1 Seeds & Grasses

Rye Grass Seed:

We have rye grass seed available all year, especially when demand peaks during the late summer/early fall season.  We do take orders for Rye grass seed starting around September 1.  We have Jumbo, Oregon, and TAM seed.  Questions?  Give us a call at 972-635-7878.





deer plot seed1 e1347482011575 225x300 Seeds & Grasses Deer Plot Seed:

Just in time to plant Labor Day Weekend, look for Deer Plot seed in our store starting late summer.  We stock only the best quality seed, for the ultimate clover plot!