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Polly’s Pick : January : Tank Deicer

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

tank deicers 300x225 Pollys Pick : January : Tank DeicerIt’s that time, ice breaking time that is! If you’re like me you get out to the animals with nothing to break the ice in the trough except the bottom of your boot. Often that results in wet jeans or slipping, possibly falling in the trough for those of us who are extra uncoordinated! Our tank deicers will put an end to the struggle. Now in stock are both the floating and submergible tank deicers which will keep your animals’ water from freezing in these frigid temperatures.

Jan. 4 : Featured Item of the Week : Straw

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

The Featured Item of the Week for January 4 at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch is:

straw jan e1452095130316 225x300 Jan. 4 : Featured Item of the Week : StrawThere is no better bedding for livestock and pets than good ‘ol straw.  Crazy thing is, it has been near impossible to stock.  With the wet spring and early summer, the farmers we count on to bale our wheat straw simply were not able to harvest their crops and bale our straw.  Thankfully we have a stopgap solution for the year and is this week’s Featured Item of the Week.  Stop by and let us help you keep your beloved pets and livestock warm and dry.

Switching to LED Bulbs

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

The ever changing landscape of the household light bulb continues.  Last year saw the last of the 40 watt incandescent light bulb to ever be produced in the US and/or imported from overseas.  If you are lucky to find these soon-to-be collector items, they are probably left over inventory.  So gone are any of the traditional bulbs 40 watts or more!  Good thing is the evolving florescent bulbs as well as halogen bulbs look similar enough one hardly notices.  HOWEVER, be ready for a little more change but in a good way.  Finally there are super energy efficient LED bulbs that look and illuminate exactly like the light bulbs of bygone days of ol’.  If you have not noticed lately LED bulbs have finally reached the sub $5 range and, crazy thing is, should outlast the old style by not just months but years.  And even better than that, the savings a household can make in changing out to LED is mind boggling.  In fact, look for the lighting at Eagle to change soon as we embrace change.  So in keeping with change, you’ll now find an ample supply of LED bulbs to choose from at Eagle Hardware.  Need help figuring out what you need and what your options are?  Stop by today and let us help you understand what out there and help you decide what you need.

Advice from an Aggie : Change at Eagle in the New Year

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

aggie blog pic 2015 170x300 Advice from an Aggie : Change at Eagle in the New YearAs I continue to scratch out 2015, and change it to 2016, on the way too many checks I write, I am slowing coming to grips with the fact that another new year is here.  I have decided I can age and celebrate my birthdays with seamlessness but I get way too stuck in tossing my old calendar and replacing it with a new one.  It is not that I am sentimental or anything OR that I don’t like throwing away MY calendar that many of YOU decide to write YOUR birthdays down in.  I think I’m beginning to show signs of my age.  Holy cow I am…let’s see I was born in ‘68 so how many years old does that make me?  And I think I’m beginning to drag my feet at change.  Just the other day a customer didn’t recognize me because I had grayed since he saw me last. Huh?  He didn’t get a discount that day. Somehow as we get older change seems to get just a little bit more challenging.

But in all fairness to me, my reluctance to change is mirrored by yours.  None of us like change that much but we all seem to adapt to it as best we can in varying degrees.  And therein lies my New Year’s resolution.  Though I should try to do a whole host of things that many of you could come up for me to list as my top five New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to just have one.  I have decided and pledge to you to be more open to change and embrace it a little more.  Steps are underway as we speak. Whoa wait, before I get the cart before the horse….let me catch my breath.  Just the fact that I am embracing change is a big step.  I better do that before I announce a major shift in anything I currently do.  Panic attack averted.

But in all fairness to you, my desire to see more change will be greater opportunities for us both.  In the future look to see strides in what we do around here at Eagle and what you might see in the community as well.  For as I see it and I am sure you’ve heard Eagle Hardware isn’t just about selling you stuff, it is also about making a positive difference in our community.  Am I running for office?  Heck no!  I’m helping run Eagle Hardware and the team that I am blessed to work among.  Will you see new stuff and new space here, you sure will.  Will we all be excited about it, I sure hope so.  Will I gray even more, duh!  But I’m excited about 2015….scratch that…2016 and look forward to you growing with us!

Have a super start to a great new year and I look forward to seeing you soon!