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Sunday, August 31 : OPEN

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

 Sunday, August 31 : OPENDove hunting season opens on Labor Day, Monday, September 1 and we know that many folks will need their 2014-15 Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunting Licenses, we’ve decided to OPEN on Sunday, August 31. Whether you still need your license, or if you have a special weekend project that you need to complete, stop in and see us on Sunday when we’ll be open from 1:00 – 4:00pm. Questions? Give us a call at 972-635-7878.

Advice from an Aggie

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

shawn and sarge.cropped 300x187 Advice from an AggieWho didn’t enjoy spending long summer days with grandparents as a child? Sleeping late. Swimming all day. Eating outside. Hotdogs. Smores. Baseball. Fishing. Chiggers (OK so maybe we didn’t enjoy those). Hotdogs. Oh how I could go on! In fact, I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying going and spending part of one’s summer with grandparents whose job is to spoil us as children. I know mine did. In fact, to be honest, there hasn’t been a day go by this summer that I have not thought of my MaMa and PaPa (pronounced maw-maw and paw-paw). Why? Snow Cones! Yep, that’s right, the simple cool refreshing flavored ice. But every day? I sure have. See, if you haven’t been by the store this summer, you haven’t seen the “Snow Cone” banner that hangs out front or heard the grinding of ice inside as customers wait their turn for their coconut (my favorite) snow cone. This summer we had the idea to sell snow cones and boy am I glad we did. For what I see happening before my eyes is exactly what I recall my grandparents doing with me the summer I visited them in Oak Cliff. At the end of the day just after dinner, my grandfather or grandmother would load us up and take us for snow cones down the road. Every day we waited till the dishes were done and we knew it was time to go. That summer it became tradition. We’d run and play, ride MY Big Wheel down the steep hill on Burlington Avenue and swim in PaPa’s old galvanized tub (which, come to think of it now, was probably used to bathe his dogs). Great summer days to only be topped off with snow cones at the end of the day. The place was the coolest place to be as the sun went down. I’m sure the building wasn’t all that great but what I recall was an old store on Revinia with lots of neat stuff shoved in every nook and cranny in the place. Old wooden floors and the best part, a swing set on the empty lot beside the store. We’d stand in line, get our snow cone (coconut remember) and then go enjoy them while we ran, played and swung outside. What great memories! What great grandparents!

Here’s what’s neat. Several times this summer I’ve seen some really neat grandparents do the same very thing, they’ve brought their grandkids down to Eagle Hardware for their evening treat! I can’t help but be reminded of how I experienced that as a child and now am on the other end realizing that someday these very young kids will think back and think about how their grandparents took them to the hardware store for snow cones. Sorry, but how cool is that!

july 26 dog days 2 300x247 Advice from an AggieSee, it’s happening. If you’ve been around a while, you know how I want our store to be a part of the community and be a positive influence in our community as well. I say it all the time; it’s not just about “selling” you stuff! And when parents and grandparents bring their kids to Eagle Hardware to get snow cones and they are climbing around on the pallets of feed and just hanging out, we’ve become more than “just a hardware store”. Or, hey, get this. When two young girls want to participate in our Dog Days of Summer (read more about that in this month’s newsletter) and make lemonade, set up a table, sit out for hours in the heat and sell one cup at a time to raise money for the Royse City Animal Shelter, then I believe we’ve become more than just a hardware store. I am so proud of those girls. They raised almost $200 that day and went and bought treats for the pets waiting for new families. When I strive to give back to the community, what a joy it is to see some of our own customers doing the same alongside us. Nah, not just another hardware store.

Prepping for Hunting Season @Eagle Hardware

Monday, August 4th, 2014

deer health and nutrition tips during antler growth season Prepping for Hunting Season @Eagle HardwareAs folks begin to get ready for this year’s hunting season, many will be stopping at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch for their supplies. Why spend time and gas searching for something you may find right here in your backyard? Eagle Hardware has and continues to add to its hunting/wildlife department and is proudly becoming distributors of familiar names and products. Be it rakes, cleaning supplies, hoses, t-posts, wire, duct tape, or you name it, chances are, we have what you need to get your deer lease or ranch ready for the year. Don’t have a lease or ranch of your own to get ready? We still have what you need to make your hunting season a rewarding one.

At Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch you will find everything you need to fill your old feeder or the new one purchased here with corn or protein feed. Need a new blind? We have those too. As you begin to make your plans for feed or food plots, don’t drive far, find it here. And, of course it all begins with that first purchase of the year, your hunting license. We’ve always said and always will, why stand in a line at the big box when we can have you in and out in minutes. See you soon.

August 25 : Featured Item of the Week

Monday, August 4th, 2014

The Eagle Hardware Featured Item of the Week for August 25 is:

square bale hay 300x225 August 25 : Featured Item of the WeekHay – Sq Horse Bales - Square Coastal hay bales that have 18% protein possible?  Yep they sure are. This week’s Featured Item of the Week is our Coastal square bales.  They have been tested by Texas A&M Forage Lab and copies are available upon request.  We proudly sell the finest.  Stop by and see for yourself.