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Rent The Barn @Eagle Hardware

Friday, May 30th, 2014

barn 2 300x225 Rent The Barn @Eagle HardwareAre you looking for a charming venue for your next event?  Whether it is a birthday party, corporate outing, wedding, anniversary party, or any fun event, look at renting The Barn @Eagle Hardware.  This event venue newly constructed at the end of 2013, has already hosted a wedding reception, a rehearsal dinner, a Christmas Eve church service and several workshops.  Give us a call today at 972-635-7878 for more details.

Enter to Win a Case Knife

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Case Knife 300x225 Enter to Win a Case KnifeEvery dad would like a new Case knife for a Father’s Day.  You can enter for a chance to win a Case knife valued at $34.99, from Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch, by entering our Facebook Father’s Day promotion.  It’s easy to enter.  Watch our Facebook page the week of Monday, June 9.  We’ll ask for you to LIKE and COMMENT on our post to enter.  Winner will be drawn at random on Thursday, June 12.

Septic Maintenance

Friday, May 30th, 2014

septic tablets 2 258x300 Septic MaintenanceIf you are reading this newsletter, the chances of you having a septic system are high.  It is just part of who we are, living in the country as we do.  We don’t have the luxury of paying for a municipality to dispose of our waste.  Nope, we get to do it in our backyards.  As crude as it seems, over the years residential sewer systems have, actually, come a long way.  No longer do we just have a brick and mortar cisterns with lateral lines stretching yards long. Nor do we have the inherent problems of bygone years as those cisterns would collapse or the lateral lines clog up with roots and rodents.  Fortunately for families in the country things are better.

septic tablets 167x300 Septic MaintenanceToday’s septic systems are a mini-sewer treatment plants in our own backyards.  However, for all the good they do in helping us keep the toilets flushing, they do not exist without some maintenance and care on our part.  In fact for those of us who have aerobic systems, did you know one has to have a maintenance contract with a licensed servicing agent on file with the county?  To not do so subjects you to a fine.  Today’s aerobic systems require septic tablets that are placed in the tanks to help odor, have air pumps that pump air into the tanks, pumps to pump the treated water out, and even sprinklers in the yards to dispense the water.  As good as they are, they can have issues and having the right person to call is essential.  For those who choose to do their own maintenance and repairs, know that Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch is well aware of the specific needs and carries all the replacement parts and pumps needed to make your repairs.

So should you take care of your own or contract it out, a flushing toilet and a backyard free of the pungent odor of sewer is the key to septic success.  Eagle Hardware is here to help.  If it’s to help you replace the sprinkler head that jumped in front of you as you mowed or the number to a “potty professional”, call us and we can help.  Until then, happy flushing and see you soon.

Eagle Hardware Featured in Hardware Retailing Magazine

Friday, May 30th, 2014

316527 JUN 2014 selected pages 223x300 Eagle Hardware Featured in Hardware Retailing MagazineWe are super excited to announce that our very own Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch was chosen to be featured in the June 2014 issue of Hardware Retailing magazine.  Hardware Retailing is the leading national trade publication for the hardware and home improvement industry.  It is distributed to more than 35,000 independent retailers across the U.S. and Canada.  For the June issue, they sought out hardware stores with a Farm, Pet and Ranch focus as well hardware.  They found our website after a good old-fashioned Google search, saw all the events we had planned, and called us up.  We truly know that our customers have a hand in our success.  Thank you for your support.  Please click here to read the entire article.