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Pets and Pesks

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

 Pets and PesksIt is that time of year!!  If you are a dog or cat owner,  you know what I am talking about, fleas and ticks.   Happy Jack Flea and Tick Control is a brand Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch started carrying a couple of years ago after many customer requests.  We offer both the dip and the shampoo for the control and prevention of your loved one’s worst enemy.   Stop in today for your bottle and see what other flea and tick remedies we offer.

Winning the War Against Weeds

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

 Winning the War Against WeedsWeeds are never any fun!  Those unsightly plants in your garden, lawn or flowerbed distract from all your hard work and cannot be any more aggravating.  Now that we have experienced a little rain and warm days, it is the “Perfect Storm” for weeds to run havoc on our nerves.  It doesn’t have to be so.  Weed control is not that difficult.  Knowing the weed and applying the right control agent (organic as well), will bring beauty back to your lawn.  2,4-D, Round-Up, Tirmec, Dimension and other agents are available today.  Feel free to bring a sample of your weed or picture of your weed to Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch and let us help you win the war against weeds! Winning the War Against Weeds

Toilets and Toys

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

 Toilets and ToysIn life, there is nothing more frustrating than troubles with one’s toilet.  Be it the unsettling rocking as one sits as the toilet pivots or rocks to the slipping of the seat, something must be done.  From those drips in the back, to the trickle (no pun intended of course) in the toilet tank, to the dump truck in the drain; Eagle Hardware is your one stop fix and clean ‘em out stop for toilet repair!  We have everything you need to not only repair or replace your toilet to unstopping the drain.  Let us help you fix one of the most important household fixtures today.

Priefert Fencing Products at Eagle

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

 Priefert Fencing Products at EagleThere is no better name in the gate and livestock handling industry than Priefert.  From their powder coated gates to unparalleled corrals and panels, you can’t go wrong with Priefert.  Their heavier gauge steel and true welded joints on all  products make them your once in a lifetime purchase.  Priefert also has a large line of 3 point tractor equipment that you’ll want to check out.

Stop by Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch today to pick up your next farm gate, or corral panel or take a look online at the complete selection.  For more information on Priefert, please visit their website here.